Saturday, 23 October 2010

Rommel Adducul: The Hardcourt General's Battle Against Cancer

Basketball is the favorite past time of most Filipino boys. No other sports can be more popular than this sports that have been introduced to us by the Americans although it was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith. Philippines had it's own glory days in these sport especially during the introduction of Basketball to the Olympics. During the 1936 Berlin Olympics the Philippine Basketball Team headed by Ambrosio Padilla was placed 5th among 11 participating countries, the highest feat by any Asian countries up until now this record have not been broken. The Philippines also got it's only bronze medal during the 1954 FIBA World Basketball Championships.
We Filipinos loved basketball. We have so many famous basketball star. Indeed the the PBA is the oldest professional basketball league in Asia. The sport we Filipinos loved have also its own share of God's blessing. Right now we will focus on a basketball star who have been used by God in this sport. He is nicknamed "The General" by Filipino sports analysts and commentators because of his leadership. This man is Rommel Adducul a Born-Again Christian.

Rommel Adducul was born on April 21 1976 in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. He was a consistent main man during his college days leading the San Sebastian College to 5 championships and himself a three-time MVP award. In 1998 he opted to join the regional professional basketball league, the MBA which was short-lived although he managed to led the Metrostars to its championship during the 1999 season. He has been a consistent flag-bearer of the national basketball team. He is the only filipino who have made it to the FIBA Asia All-Star Team. In 2003 he had played for Ginebra until 2005 before being traded to San Miguel then to Red Bull Barako and finally to his current team the Purefoods TJ Giants now known as the B-Meg Derby Ace.
Although successful in his athletic career and his personal life as a born-again Christian. He have been into trials. On the middle of March 2008 he had been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer, stage three. At first his wife Dr. Joselyn Cobankiat prescribed him with antibiotics when he had been swelling during their game and one of the first to notice this is his teammate Kirby Raymundo of Purefoods. He was finally convinced by his wife to undergo different testing.

 Instead of feeling depressed, Rommel said he considers his ailment a “blessing” and he refuses to dwell on the dire possibilities. He said his ailment should be an eye-opener for everybody to have a regular check-up — “Even if we think na malakas at malusog tayo.”

In the next breath, Rommel added, ”I will get over this. I know I will. God has given me this for a reason. All I can say is, ‘Thy will be done’.” Truly the amazing power of God heals this man and the Faith that Rommel has proved fruitful not only for him but also for his family and those people who had been reading this article. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the God that healeth they.

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