Monday, 25 October 2010

DJ Jordan Escusa: Cool Youth Pastor

DJ Jordan Tamayo Escusa is a radio disc jockey, a youth minister/evangelist, motivational speaker and a true worshipper and man of GOD. Raised in the United States into a Christian Family and currently resides in Taytay, Rizal. He is the DJ behind such radio programs as Against the Flow, a Christian Rock program at NU 07, Perfect Rhythm for DZAS and volunteers for The Edge Radio. He served as a youth pastor at the Taytay First Churh of the Nazarene, Rizal Philippines, where he organizes Generation Congregation. He graduated from the Evangelical Theological Colleges of the Philippines. Escusa is the drummer of the Christian Rock Band NaCls which represents the Philippines into the Asia Beat Battle of the Bands in Taiwan on 2008. 
He just loves sharing God's cool music and message everywhere he can. An all around youth minister, he serves as a youth pastor and worship leader at his home church in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines. Jordan likes to have a lot of fun; playing sports, video games, blogging, watching movies, playing drums with his band R.O.C.K. and foodtripping. He can also be found on friendster, myspace and multiply where he loves messaging with you guys! This young man is on a mission to tell the world; "Faith is cool, Jesus Rocks!" Now that’s "Asteeg!"
In his multiply sites Jordan relates:
...I was able to reach out/help minister to more people than ever Through radio, TV, guestings, video podcast, speaking engagements, emails, one on one conversations. Just this year, appeared on Cell Phone TV. I got invited to speak at alot of new youth groups & camps from all over. 34 recorded invitations to be exact(not to mention speaking at my homechurch). Last year's was 28.

...I turned 13 years Christian(5-22-10) so that translates 13 years of no smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, violence plus no backsliding.
...For Better gigs with better pays I mean compared to the hosting rackets I got last year, the gigs were not just more but more in quality in terms of TF. I had a total of 33 emcee or V.O. gigs which was more than last year's.

...I wish I should've saved more money Ang gastos ko rin pala(Boy, did I spend!) Especially on food. So my savings sorta went to a slump by the end of the year & going to the ATM machine became burdensome. Still, I'm faithful in my giving to God & everything's still cool! This year, I'll see to it I save harder than ever.

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