Sunday, 3 October 2010

Francis Kong: Biblically Inspired Motivational Speaker and Businessman

Francis Kong is one of the few Filipinos who have been gifted by GOD the kind of tongue that most people would envy. He is the current President of Success Options Publishing Company. President of Funworks Inc., Founding member and Director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy. He broadcasts regularly on a Radio Program "Business Matter". He has a business column at Philippine Star. Regular host every thursday on Umagang Kay Ganda. He is an author of famous inspirational and business books.

He is married to Lilia Nolasco and has three children: Bryan 26, Hannah 22 and Rachel 17. Although he is successful he had been into failures. He has also his failures, during high school he failed also but all those failures inspires him succeed and motivates himself to do his best in everything he has come up along. He want to prove that he has an edge compared to the other people through constant research and self-study. But one of the most important change that happened to him is when the time that he has a problem with sleeping, therefore he challenged the Lord to intervene and with God's perfect timing all have been given to him and those were the times when he realized that his emptiness is now beginning to clear his mind. He started reading and meditating the Bible and found out that all his research and studies is non-comparable to the passages of the Bible. So in every lectures and motivational seminars he is engaged to he always find it easier to deliver when Bible passages is his inspiration. Total submission to God and acknowledging that the source of every knowledge that he acquired comes from God and he is just a vessels is the secret behing  Francis Kong's achievements.

An interview with Francis Kong conducted by 700 Club Asia:

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  1. I agree with you that to be born again is not necessarily to join any congregation but to accept Christ as your savior with all your heart and soul, then you are born again.