Friday, 10 December 2010

Rica Peralejo: Marrying a Man of God

Rica Peralejo was born on March 7, 1981, in the Philippines. She soon earned a role in the children’s comedy show “Ang TV.” In her teen years, she won roles in teen television comedy shows “Gimik” and  “T.G.I.S.” These shows gave Peralejo her start in acting as a career.

After her days in youth variety and sitcoms, Peralejo landed roles in movies and other television programs. She moved between many genres fluently, which earned her various “queen” titles such as “Bold Queen,” “Horror Queen,” and “Scream Queen.” Despite the labels the media tried to pin on her, she also continued acting in comedies and sitcoms, as well as variety shows and television dramas.
Rica meet Jo Bonifacio a  youth pastor at the Victory Church at the Fort where both attend church service.
“I liked his preaching style,” she said. “He’s funny, very down to earth.”
Peralejo added: “Jo is a man of God. He has potential as a family man in that he’ll be a good father, a good husband, a good provider. As a boyfriend, he makes things very light for me. Parang nakita ko na almost ang lahat sa kanya.”
Rica looks so much in love. She is obviously very happy with her newfound relationship with the Lord and her fiancé that her joy is obvious. She is a picture of contentment and serenity.

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