Friday, 17 December 2010

Peter Tan-Chi: Christ Commission Fellowship Founder

Pastor Peter Tan-Chi was the man behind the success of Christ Commission Fellowship. He began an evangelistic home Bible study in Brookside Subd., Cainta, Rizal. Only three couples attended the first Bible Study in the home of Ike and Del Punsalang.

As they began to invite friends and families the Bible Study grew and afterwards they moved to San Juan, to the garage of Mr. Loreto Carbonel.

A core group of 40 people – businessmen, professionals, and their families – emerged from these Bible studies. In 1984, they met at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) for their first Christ’s Commission Fellowship Sunday worship service.

Since then, CCF’s continuous growth has caused its worship services to move from place to place. From AIM, services moved to Greenbelt, then to the Conference Room of the Philippine International Convention Center.

Pastor Peter was also a member of the Board of Far Eastern Broadcasting Corporation and International Graduate School of Leadership.

He is happily married to Deona whom she met in 1972 while touring in the Philippines with the Christian Singing Group The Crossroads. During  the 1970's his family owned the largest textile and sawmill industry in the country which was eventually sequestered by the Marcos regime but because of God's grace he was able to start a new successful housing business. 

One of the most painful experience happened to them. It was probably the most painful experience of his life for their house have been robed and his children were tied but the most painful of all his daughter was raped by the perpetrators. 

Pastor Tan-Chi recalled
"God helped us to survive that ordeal. This showed me that God loves and He proomised to cause all things to work together for good to those who loved Him. We surrendered our heartache, pain and our daughter

“God helped us to survive that ordeal. This showed me that God loves us. They surrendered their hearts, pain and his daugther to the Lord, By the Grace of God, his daughter is now happily married, a mother of three sons and actively serving the Lord.

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