Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rev. Jun M. Yu Jr.: Jesus Faith Christian Fellowship Founder and Chairman

Pastor Jun Yu is the Senior Pastor of Jesus Faith Christian Fellowship Inc. He is also the Chairman of Faith Music Manila. Jesus Faith Christian Fellowship also known as Faith Center located in Las Pinas City is a church where the whole thrusts of its life and ministry is taking place through cells. Faith Groups are not just home bible study, fellowships or special member club, rather; they are a small groups applying everything the local church is doing. Faith Groups are where evangelism, discipleship, pastoral care and praying for one another takes place. 
By the grace of God under his leadership the church grew, JFCF Main Church is located in Las Piñas and now has branches in Imus, Dasmariñas, Binakayan, Tagaytay, Caloocan and Tabaco. Faith Music Manila also continues to make waves lately, it has already released their latest album Dakilang Gawa.

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  1. A Prayer From Jesus

    It's finally come down to this, I knew it would eventually. Unfortunately for YOU, who has missed the mark, which means you are going to hell. Your portion will be in the lake of fire. Don't be offended at me, it's your preacher, or that radio personality, the person that told you that you are saved, blame them. Then again when your screaming in the pit it really doesn't matter whose at fault, does it. For it is your responsibility to know the way of salvation.

    Why? You ask. Simply, you trusted man to lead you to Christ. Not once have you asked Jesus if you are saved. If you did, you never waited for an answer. There is only one that we should ask on how to be saved, that is Christ Jesus.

    Jesus has made it easy for you to know where you will stand on the last day. Pray this Prayer, and Jesus will answer all who diligently seeks Him.

    These are the last days, This is your last chance.
    Pray the Prayer, and KNOW!


    This prayer is from Jesus that we may hear from Him, that He may speak to our hearts. It only consist of three simple steps.

    1) We need to read one scripture. This will focus us in the word that brings everlasting life.

    2) Since this prayer is from Jesus we need to direct our prayer to Him personally. Too often Christian focuses they're prayer's to G_D the father. Scripture proclaims that Jesus should be the focus of our prayer.

    3) The simplest part of this Prayer is to ask Jesus one question. Please, all that is required for this question is that it should be simple. Let Jesus Himself finish the question when He gives you that understanding through this prayer.

    The PRAYER

    The scripture that is the focus of this prayer is "ACTS 2:38". It's not necessary to do any study into this scripture. Jesus Himself will give you the understanding that will resonate in your heart. Just read Acts 2:38, keep it in your heart and take this one scripture to prayer

    The most important part of this prayer is that we need to direct our prayer directly to Jesus. If you normally would say Father in your prayer, change your focus from the Father to Christ Jesus, by lifting Jesus name up every time you would normally use Father in your prayer.

    Maybe the hardest part of this prayer is the question that we need to ask Jesus. For men are always trying to understand the question instead of listening to the answer. The simplest question is all that is required.

    Simply ask Jesus 'WHY'

    For those who are obedient