Monday, 20 December 2010

Pastor Ed Lapiz: Redeeming The Land Through Nationalism

Pastor Ed Lapiz founded the Day by Day Christian Ministries with churches in the Philippines and in other parts of the world, He began his pioneering underground mission in the Middle East in 1985 which gave birth to Day by Day Church Network. His educations is also impressive. He holds a degree in Philippine Arts from University of the Philippines. He has also a degree on Philippine Arts from UP.
Pastor Ed Lapiz founded and heads Day By Day Fellowship. With more than thirty books, a creative director, producer and broadcaster. Ed Lapiz promotes Christian nationalism, through indigenization of Christian Church Liturgy, the redemption of the arts for use in Christian worship and ministries, and the decolonization of Christianity, which is the declaration and practice of  independence from religious powers structure.
Pastor Ed believes that the foundation of prosperous Christian Church in Philippine setting is the unwavering belief that we Filipinos can. The battle to win the hearts and minds of his countrymen is far from over. But Pastor Ed intends to use his patriotic indignation, his love for the Philippines and his unwavering faith in the Lord and to one day being understood, internalized, and expressed even through the promotion of the country’s cultural heritage.


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  2. Blessing ka po talaga Pastor Ed! I pray for you!

  3. 1 eyes has seen......what God has prepared to those who love HIM, kung eto yung ating verse, no wonder, we also filled w/ Holy Spirit in sending God's message to people, like Ptr. Ed! to GOD be the glory!!!!!