Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano: Pioneering Filipino Christian Author

Mrs. Feliciano is one of the Philippines' foremost and most respected Christian authors, with a writing career that spanned 40 years and produced nearly 30 books and countless articles, radio scripts, poems, and other literature. She has won awards and was recognized in Christian and literary circles worldwide. Some were translated into different languages.

Love & courtship her first book was published in 1973. It was the first book originally written by a Filipino published by OMF Lit. It became a bestseller with 32,000 copies printed. The book was featured in TV shows and serialized in magazines and radio programs.

“The challenge to write Love and Courtship was not only to test my ability to write but to make it relevant to the Filipino young people. I set out to do two things which I thought would be my original contribution to Philippine literature: to make it culturally fit and biblically sound. Most literature on the subject came from the West, which naturally addressed the issues of Western youth, ” Mrs. Feliciano related.

Following the success of Love and Courtship, Mrs. Feliciano wrote, Love sex & marriage (New Life Series) by OMF Lit in 1975. She began writing at a time when there were few Filipino Christian writers and Filipino Evangelical Christian publishing was just taking off.

Her published writing found both an avenue and a fount of inspiration at the Institute for Studies in Asian Churchand Culture (ISACC). She was Executive Director (1991–1993) and served as writer and trainer. She was Associate Editor of the journal, Isip-Isak, and wrote for various ISACC publications. She taught about topics such as women’s empowerment and voter’s awareness.

Love and Courtship (1973. Filipino translation: Kung Tumibok ang Puso, 1997)
Love, Sex, and Marriage (1975. Filipino translation by Teresita Viray: Ngayon at Kailanman, 1998)
Ours to Love and Discipline (1977. Filipino translation: Mahalin at Hubugin: Paalaala sa mga Magulang)
Conduct for Today (1977)
Reflections from My Kitchen Window (1979)
Filipino Values and Our Christian Faith (1990. Filipino translation by Letty Paler: Pinoy Nga, Biblikal Ba?, 1996)
Nobody’s Child (1994. English translation: Abigail, 2000)
Iba’t- ibang Pahirap, Punit-punit na Pangarap (2002)
Beyond the Honeymoon, co-written with David Feliciano (2000)
Enjoy the Sunset: Living Fully, Ageing Well (2006)
Hope Away from Home: Help and Encouragement for OFWs (2007)
Faith in the Corridors of Power: Reflecting on God, the Gospel and the Government with Former Senate President Dr. Jovito Salonga (2010)
Voice in the Wind: The Life and Times of Far Eastern Broadcasting Philippines in the Life of Ka Esong (forthcoming)

On August 26, 2010. She passed away at her home in Silang, Cavite with her husband, Pastor Dave, by her side.

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