Thursday, 18 November 2010

Federico "Padim" Israel: Sure Ball Service to GOD

Padim Israel serves as the associate Pastor of Bread from Heaven Christian Fellowship. He was ordained minister of the Word in 1998 by the Christian Reformed church of the Philippines. He played by professional basketball from 1981 to 1992. At one time, he was named PBA’s most improved player and was part of the PBA mythical five and mythical defensive team. He is married to Josefina Sta. Ana (more commonly known as Rio Locsin) and their children are Paula Bianca, Costa Palma and Joses Charisse.

He was born in Cebu played with Cebu commercial basketball teams and recruited by Coach Baby Dalupan to play for Ateneo Blue Eagles, without requiring to go to a tryout. A part of the 1975-76 back-to-back champion and graduated with AB Economics degree in 1978. He played for the National Team and the Apcor MICAA team, from 1978-1981. Finally he signed a three-year contract with the PBA Crispa Redmanizers in October 1981 and played for eleven years. He was part of the nine PBA championships, which included the Crispa Redmanizers’ 1983 Grand Slam. He also played for Tanduay in 1985, Purefoods in 1988 and Presto Tivoli in 1989-1990.

Inspite of the public acceptance and popularity his private life was unacceptable as a role model and the  gap between God have widened. But there are two issues triggered his spiritual awakening: his growing understanding of mortality and growing love for a woman. Unsure about being accepted by God and the public because of his relationship with Ojie (Rio Locsin). He sought counsel from his teammates namely Abet Guidaben, Freddie Hubalde, and Alex Tan. They are born-again Christians reaching out to him in their own different ways.
One day in July 1987, he accepted an invitation to a Bible study in Freddie’s house. Bishop Efraim Tendero was conducting the Bible Study. He finally understood the reason why there is a gap and that gap was sin. According to him although he have heard and known Jesus before but didn’t have the assurance in life he is longing for. He learned that salvation is only through Jesus Christ by Faith. And this faith he have exercised by receiving Jesus into his life as Lord and Savior.

Ojie and Padim waited for seven years before they could get married. God used this waiting time to prepare them. God showed that He was in control when they get married. God used three churches to help for the arrangement of their marriage-Bread from Heaven Christian Fellowship, Kamuning Bible Christian Fellowship, and Sun Valley Christian Fellowship.
After their wedding he received an invitation to be a student pastor of BF Homes Christian Fellowship in Las Piñas (now Bread from Heaven Christian Fellowship). The purpose of life was becoming a clear to him: To serve God as a faithful husband to Ojie; as a loving father to the three lovely daughters graciously given to us; as a messenger of the Good News of salvation; and as a shepherd of His people. Indeed Jesus Christ is the best person to trust with our lives. And Faith in Jesus Christ will never be a missed shot, it’s a sure ball.

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