Saturday, 25 September 2010

Joy and Peping De Villa: GIGA Ventures

One of my favorite song from Don Moen Album is God is Good. Don Moen always finds a way to interacts with fellow worshippers by asking God is Good and the congregations would answers All The Time. This expressions of faith also have high impact on the story of Mr. and Mrs. Peping  and Joy De Villa of GIGA Vetures, GIGA stands for God Is Good Always.

The De Villa's have started their business in trading of imported garments and accessories but later on started on producing their very own garments, but the influx of imported Chinese goods and products and the financial crises have impacted on their business. They try to diversify and look for another source of income.

Initially they try to market their products by offering it as corporate give-aways. They focused mainly on producing natural made products specially in the soap segments although it has been dominated by large multinational companies but they keep on believing that God will always provide them the necessary markets for their products. After thorough research and product innovation they finally made their own products and marketed it on different ways and coordinating with the major malls in Metro Manila and soon in the different provinces. 

As a means of fulfilling its social responsibility, the company provides opportunities for the less privileged and special sectors of our society, e.g., physically handicapped, those undergoing rehabilitation, by jobbing out some its operations to organizations that assist them. 

For more information about the GIGA Ventures products and services just visit their website at  
An interview conducted by 700 Club Asia:

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